MainStreet America Showcases Control4

By Lisa Harmer | Posted June 18, 2014

In the heart of Houston, Texas, there’s a parade of showcase homes where home aficionados can peruse the latest and greatest in home design, décor and technology. It’s called MainStreet America, a collection of 12 fully finished, decorated and designed homes that will never be lived in but serve solely to let people shop for the features and functionality they envision for their next home. As developer Mike Feigin states, “There is no place like this in the world.”

Not simply a showcase for sofas and stoves, MainStreet America’s homes are not just beautiful; they’re smart homes too. Every home in the park features some level of home automation, but the smartest of the park’s smart homes feature Control4 home automation. The Control4 system controls the smart lighting and smart thermostat, as well as the home theater and audio/video systems. The Control4 system even integrates the security monitoring system, smart locks and surveillance cameras to demonstrate to customers and custom homebuilders the convenience of controlling every system in the entire home, from one single app.

Take a virtual tour of MainStreet America: