Control4 Named Top 100 MDU Provider

By Amber Mansfield | Posted June 20, 2014

When I hear the term “Multi–Dwelling Units,” I think of the not-so-awesome apartment I shared with three of my closest friends in my early years of college. Well, times have changed. Unlike my shabby college apartment building, today’s MDUs are high-end, luxurious and high-tech. As a matter of fact, Forbes recently noted that “super towers” are “the next big thing in luxury housing.” As land becomes less available in many popular and densely populated cities, like New York and Miami, luxury residences are headed skyward. Many property owners, developers and builders are looking to create exclusive condominium and private residence developments that can house many owners with a smaller footprint. These aren’t just condos. In order to appeal to luxury-minded buyers, developers are appealing to potential residents with private elevators, the best furnishings, elite concierge services, stunning views, and technological amenities. 

Recently, Broadband Communications Magazine had a panel of industry experts, which included MDU property owners compile a list of 100 top companies which provide products or services that create technology amenities to attract and retain residents, have a history of innovation and successful deployments, and identify MDUs as a target market. We were delighted that Control4 made the list as a leader in the home automation industry and was noted for making smart home technology affordable and convenient.

Control4 home automation can make residents feel like they are “movin’ on up to the deluxe apartment in the sky” by providing the latest technologies without breaking the bank. Control4 can give owners peace of mind by allowing them to turn lights on and off and lock doors quickly and easily from the palm of their hand using their smartphone or tablet. Intercom systems let them easily communicate with guests and building managers for the ultimate in convenience and security. Home automation technology can also help residents save money with climate control regulation, keeping units more energy efficient when no one is home.  And alert systems can even let the homeowners, and the building managers, know when there is moisture in the unit so a small roof leak doesn’t turn into massive destruction.  

For MDU developers, having a singular automation system to help manage a number of private units, and their unique residence, is not only an additional selling feature, it’s also an ideal way to make managing a property more efficient and centralized. Developers also have the added benefit of being able to automate the building’s common spaces for extra convenience, or they can provide base automation packages that the owners can then customize to their specific needs. It’s a win-win for everyone.

With the increasing demand for smart and connected homes extending beyond the traditional suburban abode and into more dense, if luxurious, housing developments, MDU owners want amenities that will make occupants’ lives easier, more exclusive and ensure that they will feel pampered every time they enter their home. With comfort and convenience like that, even the Jeffersons will be jealous. 
Photo courtesy of New Wave AV