Wireless Sensors Offer Control Based on Motion, Light, even Humidity Levels

By John Pherson | Posted June 26, 2014

Forget to turn on the bathroom ventilation whenever you take a shower? If so, the Axxess Industries Wireless Motion Sensor with humidity control is a perfect addition to your Control4 home automation system. Recently HD Living reviewed the device and had great things to say about it. “The Wireless Motion Sensor is incredibly well made and attractive at that,” says Dennis Burger Editor in Chief of HD Living. He has currently set it up to turn on the bathroom vent fan whenever it senses humidity.
Although this sensor is perfect for the shower, its use is not limited to detecting humidity. Dennis also found uses for it in his laundry room, “It took only a couple of minutes to move the sensor into the laundry room, and only a few seconds more to aim it such that it would detect me or my wife walking into the room.” A big problem for Dennis and his wife was getting the right amount of light in the room without wasting energy. By having the sensor detect how much light is in the room the sensor either dims or brightens the lights to an optimal level based on how much sunlight the laundry room is receiving.
Much like any other sensor, it may take some tweaking and some testing to dial in all of the Wireless Motion Sensor’s settings, but once this sensor is tuned to your lifestyle you’ll never have to reset it again. “Automation is about personalization—making sure that your home responds intelligently to your unique lifestyle,” says Burger.
If you live in a part of the country where you are at constant war with mold, set these sensors around your house and turn on the HVAC system whenever the humidity level gets too high. Whether it’s detecting humidity, motion, or light, this sensor—paired with your home automation system—will give you more automated features that make your life more comfortable.