By John Pherson | Posted July 3, 2014

Inspired by Washington D.C.’s many monuments and historic structures, Norton Manor is a 45,000-square-foot luxury home located east of the Potomac River. But just because this White House-inspired mansion is big doesn’t mean it can’t feel cozy. The Control4 home automation system allows the owners to create mood and lighting scenes that give this D.C. estate a homey feel.
Although the home automation system in this house is state of the art, it’s also intentionally unobtrusive. The owners were intent on maintaining the elegant and historical feel of the house so they limited the number of touch screens and other obvious technological devices, and centralized much of the technology behind the scenes. The homeowners use custom-engraved, wall-mounted buttons to enjoy all of the luxury of Control4 home automation without detracting from the sophisticated historical decor.
When the owners host small parties with a select number of guests or the owners are spending a quiet night at home, the system is programmed to shut off the parts of the house that aren’t being used. This helps cut down on energy bills. In fact, the home automation system helps save about 70,000 watts of electricity each month.
This D.C. dream home is also perfect for hosting large dinner parties and political fundraisers. With just a touch of a button, the hosts can stream music to the patio or the dining room, or both. The home theater in the Norton Manor has 15 seats, a 150-inch projection screen, and state-of-the-art speakers. A 120-inch projection screen descends from the ceiling to display art and serve as a decorative barrier between the dining room and the kitchen during certain events as well. The ability to change temperature, lighting scenes, and music with just one touch helps the hosts to create an impressive ambiance without losing focus on their guests.
From energy management to security, entertainment to convenience, Control4 truly helps these homeowners be the commander-in-chief of their world. Read more about the “American Dream.”