Building with Control4: Barroso Homes Spotlight

By Guest | Posted March 20, 2017

This post comes to us from Rose Barroso of Barroso Homes, a luxury home builder in Toronto, Ontario, CA. A very special thank you to Dealer, Premier Smart Homes, for the Control4 installation on all Barroso Homes properties. 

My career first began in interior renovations. About 12 years ago, I started Barroso Homes after a real estate agent told me that I should follow my vision and passion for beautiful things. I love to turn creative thought into beautiful places that will be admired and remembered.

Over the years, our projects have become increasingly larger, more complex, more beautiful, and ultimately more technology focused. I have an awesome team backing me up all the way. We all have one common goal—to make beautiful, innovative communities one custom home at a time. We all take great pride in our jobs while we focus on being a leader in innovation, technology, and energy efficiency.

Control4 has become a staple in all of Barroso Homes’ builds. We want to stand out. We want to be at the forefront of what technology has to offer. And we want to keep thinking outside of the box. Control4 allows us to do just that.

In our builds, it’s not about the “Jetson” way of life. The way I approach every project is by asking myself: “How can I improve on something that is already pretty spectacular? Where do I find that next new material or piece of technology that will keep us fresh and innovative?”

At times, home automation can be quickly disregarded by clients. But as the benefits are introduced and explained, the interest barometer rises significantly. Once they understand how home automation can add an additional layer of security, comfort, and convenience to their lives, it becomes clear and they become instant enthusiasts.

Our clients generally have younger children, are tech savvy, and entertain often. For these clients, home automation was/is a perfect fit. They appreciate that they can check security cameras while they travel abroad, see who is visiting upon arrival, receive notifications as their children come and go, and—of course—it’s a huge bonus to be able to fully control their music, lighting, and other features as they host events without ever leaving their guests’ presence.

Each project is 100% different and special in its own way. Although I certainly have “my muses,” I’m proud to say that Control4 has played a significant role in all of our builds.
If you're interested in providing Control4 Home Automation to your clients, leave your information below and a smart home professional will reach out. 
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