Home Smart Home: Fall Issue Now Available (Free Download)

By Crystal Watts | Posted September 13, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: For six years, Home Smart Home has inspired people across the globe with stories of lives that have been transformed by automation and smart technology. As the editorial hands shift, I want to extend my personal appreciation to the founding Editor in Chief, Shanan Carney, for her creative vision and admirable work over the years.

In developing my first-ever issue, I quickly realized how easy it is to get swept up by the beauty and brains of these amazing homes. The stunning architectures. Insanely, innovative designs. And the “cool” elements that bring them to life. But as I sat down to chat with some of the homeowners—and home creators—I was quickly brought back to reality. This collision of design and technology is offering more than just visual appeal. These homes are delivering real experiences for real people.

For a busy, celebrity mom in Los Angeles, a beach-style sanctuary provides a break from the chaos of everyday life. It’s a bright and airy space where memories are being created with her small, lively children. And the smarts inside lend a helping hand and added peace of mind.

For a developer in Canada, beauty and innovation is always top of mind. Every build is as an opportunity to delight a new homeowner with features of technology they may have never thought possible. Elements that add another layer of security, comfort, convenience, and overall enjoyment to their new dream home.

These homes are not only aesthetically striking, they’re intuitively-personalized for the owners behind their walls. A tech-nique that makes them true works of art.

Go ahead, kick up your feet. Pour that glass of wine. And let this issue of architecture and automation inspire you.