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Welcome to Control4. Whether you've installed Control4 to enhance your entertainment system, manage your lighting and energy usage, or automate your entire home or business, you are about to discover how your personalized Control4 system will enhance your life.

Your authorized Control4 dealer has likely already given you an overview of your Control4 system. You can also browse our resource materials below and bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when necessary. For specific questions about your set-up, your dealer should be your first point of contact. If by some chance you have any trouble connecting with your dealer, please contact us and we'll provide assistance.

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We understand that as technology changes, you'll want to stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements that Control4 offers in home automation. That's why we've developed our customer upgrade promotion to give our customers the best deal on the latest and greatest from Control4.

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Your MyControl4 account allows you to:

  • Access and edit your account
  • Add and edit users and devices to access your Control4 system
  • Access your home remotely with 4Sight subscription
  • Configure push notifications
  • Download Composer to customize your smart home settings

To access your MyControl4 account, sign in here. You will need the email address that was used to register the account, and your password. If you don't remember which email address is associated with your account, contact your dealer or email Control4 at customers@control4.com.

mycontrol4 login

Help Resources

One of the most exciting features of a home automation system is the ability to customize it to fit your specific needs. Since your Control4 system is personalized and designed around your distinct lifestyle, its features are unique. We have compiled a list of user manuals, guides and video tutorials that are applicable to a majority of our customers’ systems. However, if you have any questions that aren't answered with the resources below, we encourage you to contact the dealer who installed your Control4 system, as he or she will better understand the intricacies of your specific setup.

If you are looking for more info on a specific product, please browse our product catalog and download the documentation for the product. If you aren’t sure which operating system version you’re running on, view your controller’s registration page.

Control4 System

Understand the basic features and functionality of your Control4 system with the Quick Start Guide, or become more familiar with the ins and outs of your system with the Solutions guides.



If an error occurs during installation, please uninstall the your outdated Control4 software and begin again with a clean installation.

Composer Media Edition

Add media files—such as music, movies, and local channels—to your Control4 system with Composer ME, free software for all Control4 customers.


Special Features

These user manuals provide quick reference to special features that are applicable to a majority of Control4 systems.



Magazines & Brochures

Download the latest brochures and issues of Home Smart Home Magazine.

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